Our Commitments


We will endeavor at all times to be a globally-conscious member of the real estate community and the business community at-large. We will actively strive to be a positive contributor to the communities which are home to our projects, and to deliver projects which are thoughtful, well-designed, sustainable, environmentally- and community-friendly.

We believe that being a socially responsible organization ultimately adds to project performance, builds enterprise value, and is the right thing to do.


We further aspire through our projects to contribute to a globally sustainable future. We will be attentive to issues of energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, waste management and greenhouse gas reductions. As China’s property markets evolve and its sustainability consciousness is further elevated, New Horizon will seek to meet and exceed current and emerging standards. We will endeavor to be early adopters of improvements in environmental technology and to lead, rather than follow, market expectations and regulatory requirements.

We believe that environmentally sound decisions ultimately contribute to positive investment returns, competitiveness in the marketplace, and overall corporate performance. As with our commitment to social responsibility, we believe that being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do.

We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.
George Bernard Shaw